James Cassar can help those who are unfamiliar with the foreclosure process. Cassar specializes in litigation services that involve filing a lawsuit or a restraining order against a lender seeking to seize your property. We can take your case to court to prove that the lender seeking foreclosure has the right to do so. If successful, Cassar can ask the court to stop the bank from making a claim on your home and preserve your right to own the title. 

The Law Office of James J. Cassar, Esq. strictly follows the New York State Homeowner Bill of Rights, which protects homeowners from reckless practices by lenders. We can file lawsuits when banks violate your rights. Another option is a restraining order to keep banks from following through on a foreclosure. When you need a law firm to protect your rights in a litigation proceeding, call on The Law Office of James J. Cassar, Esq. 
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